This site is the communtiy site for Hills Fun Group on wechat and their friends and their friends's friends.  No strangers can get in to post.  All information posted should be from friends real life experiences.  To read the web info, you do not need to log in.

If you wanto post blogs, livinggude,or newsletters to the community, you do have to login.

How to login:

Method 1: Using HillsFunGroup Group User Name and password. They can be obtained from Hills Fun wechat group.   You can use these to post anonymous comments, or post blogs either by adding your own name in the end of the post or just keep the posts anonymous.

Method 2: Using your own account, then you need to register ----- please read below for how to do so:

How to register account:

This website is for Hills Fun Group and their friends. The philosophy is to keep the community close and open at the same time: "close" means all people who can register are linked to this group and their friends in one way or another; "open" means that there is no limitation to our friends circle - you can invite as many friends as you can.  Here are methods of registration:

Method 1: Register by Invite.  Once you have logged in using HillsFunGroup user name, you can invite yourself or your friend by clicking the invite button.

Method 2: Register by admin.  In case the invite does not work, please click "contact" button, send a message to the admin by telling your user name at wechat group - then you will be added by admin manually.  Please do remember to write down your wechat user name since that is the way to keep the community from other strangers.

Dont forget to invite your friends who have just moved to our area since they really need our helps!

How to post to this Site

There are three types of contents you can post:

1) newsleters - they can be delivered to the email boxes of those users who subscribe them.  They are suitable for annoucements, or something you want the community to know immediately.

2) blogs - those posts are mainly user centered, used to collect your own experiences, books reviews, movies reviews, etc. You can write very long stories using blogs.

3)  - Living guide: they are online yellow books. All posts will be displayed in the frontpage and availale for searh by category, by titile, and by content. For each post, the other people can add comments, and rate services using 5 star rating system.  For writing comments, you can do so anonymously by using HillsFunGroup user name, or you can use your own account.  For rating, we now let visitors rate because we just opened this site many people do not have account yet; later, we will keep the voting right to only those who are registered if the community decides to do so.

What can be posted in your posts: ANY THING -