Music Starts when words stop - music teacher Adele Moody

Adele Moody of Oak Hammock at the University of Florida in Gainesville FL, died on Saturday, March 10 at the age of 93.  She was surounded by her four daughters  and two songs-in-law.  Born in Bethlehem, PA on July 15, 1918, she grew up and received her scholling in Lebannon, PA where she met and Married Byron Kadel, the father of her children.  She married Harold Moody in 1958 and moved the family to Winter Garden, FL where she lived until moving to Gainesville in 2005.

Adele began studying piano at an early age, and went on to preform, teach and accompany many other musicians.  She never tired of sharing her love of music and continued practicsing and playing for people untill the end of her life.  In her 80's, she recorded four CDs of her favoriate classical work.

She was an enthusiastic and inpiring mother to her daughters who all became musicians through her tutelage and with whom she maintained friendships throughout her life.  She also mothered every one else in sigght, and numerious adults renewed their musical studies because of her encouragement.  She contributed to animal welfare and environmental causes, was passionate about politics, considered it her "duty" to watch the news, and was a spirited supporter of President Obama.

Adele was an avid reader and had a great love of learning.  She studied both Spanish and Hungarian languages in preparation for trips abroad.  During her long life she cultivated a variety of other artistic pursuits such as oil painting, embroidery, sewing and guilting.  She kept to an exercise regimen and was still regular lifting weights in her 80's.