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Adam:908 591 2917



Russo Bros & Co

27 Eagle Rock Ave

East Hanover NJ 07936

973 887 1334



Red . group




973 324-9461

New Jersey lic # 13vh01748500 Tax id # 46-1475486



William G Severino  AIA 201 615 7001

Robert Zaccone AIA  201 394 4921

The above two are regarded as the best architects in New Jersey.

John James (973 378 3118)  from Maplewood - I think he is the best architect for people who live in Short Hills area - he designed many multiple million dollars home.  He has master of architect from Columbia University.  He is a great man!  - he is expensive too.

Steven (AHM Architects)  Phone number (973) 258-0800   His price is good.  He has a background of inspector.  So he is good at finding problems.  Some friends from short hills used him and very happy. 

Christina from Livingston 973 768 1333  She is very honest person.  She always thinks of her clients first.  She speaks truth.  Of course, she looses business because of this.   Her price is very very good. 



jiaying shen 10:18 AM
电工/contractor : Fernando (347) 283-2590室内精装
Contractor / Tom:电话(732) 593-9481房屋动结构的大装,我找他在房子的二层做了两个dormers,做工很棒,镇里建筑部检查的时候次次通过,价格不便宜,因为动房屋结构,还是要请一个专业的装修公司比较妥当!以免造成不可挽回的损失。
水工/plumber:Joe Palmer/Powers Plubming,Garfield, NJ (973) 445-6225 做工精细,多年执业经验。
建筑师/Architect: Chris Blake/Bergenfield, NJ /(201)816-9523 价格公道!
伐木工:Juan/ (973)336-9892
换屋顶/Roofing Co./ Steve's roofing & gutters, Rutherford, NJ / Steve 公司电话:201-939-0044 Cell: 201-403-1755
房检师/Inspector: Carlos/(201)417-7440
The Tile Shop/瓷砖专卖店全美连锁经营,常年有打折,价格公道,强烈推荐!新泽西有分店。网站
Serrano's Flooring co./安装、打磨地板、人行道铺设,整修地面、水泥地,家装,等等... Diego Serrano 手机:973-796-8826/他给我打磨油漆地板,非常满意。Diego也是contractor,是Fernando找来的。
Westview Manson,Dumont,NJ/水泥匠 John McGowan/手机:201-385-1968 刚买房时只用了一次,是验房师推荐的,价格可以做参考,他雇佣了两个西裔小工做活。
White Stone Cabinets. Inc./华人经营的厨浴柜专卖店,款式新颖,大方。足足逛了三个小时,把法拉盛的店铺基本上逛遍了。相比其它店的傻、笨、粗的式样,要不就是价格昂贵,终于在这里购买了一个价格款式都对眼的盥洗台。网站
电话:718-888-0878 手机:646-236-6356
地址:41-28 College Point Blvd., Flushing
华能石材卫浴橱柜/电话:718-961-0111 地址:41-33 College Point Blvd, Flushing 这里购买的是厨房柜子和石材,价格比别家店公道,有安装服务。
做deck 电话:7326689655 白女士或曲师傅
地板打磨上漆:rossi floor ; sharon rossi (201) 280-1770
灌溉系统/Sprinkler: Twins Rudy Irritation / Rudy Cordero 电话:845-445-5457
伐树公司:Pine Hill tree services 201-825-7143, 201-848-8980
清理air duct & dryer vent:WellDuct 联系人:Paul 电话:800-616-3828 网站
空调,暖气,水电/Air Group :Heating,cooling, electrical, plumbing Whippany, NJ 电话:800-545-1020
修理空调:Benson Ngai 7325999407
Aero Tech Heating and Cooling,Fort Lee, NJ Joe/华人 电话:201-638-3730
granite countertop,Hensen, 福建人。价格比homedepot 便宜大约 $10 per sqft, cash更低些。 917-836-0886
JG Handyman, Fort Lee 电话:201-282-8846/47 网站 我的同事极力推荐!
专业清除mold/霉菌:(1) Pillar to Post, 609-890-9300; (2) Eco Logic, 877-729-8265; (3) air Consulting Services, 609-371-3677。这几家可以先比较一下。处理mold重要;今后的维持更重要。

Carpet Cleaning:

Pete: 732 398 9898 Very good service.

Amer Carpet Cleaner: 609 259 7432

General contractors:

Kenan 973 459 9239 This one is recommended by Zhang Tao who is an architect in Livingston. According to Mr. Zhang, Kenan has 4 licenses himself.  Therefore, his price can beat many contractors who have to hire electricians, plumbers and HVAC persons.

Architect: Tao Zhang, livington: 201 214 6465

Realtor: Kelly Qu: 917 528 2649

白山黑水一片云 12:46 PM
--(732) 648-1042 Xinia.
南美的阿姨,三十几岁,80块一次4个小时。蛮推荐。不用给小费。可以说 referred by Yiyi Wu.
--Celia (201) 772-7282。价钱是interview 过后,看了房子再定。可以说referred by Constance。
--Cesar at (973) 412-6315. price reasonable. He is Portuguese; not very good at English but communicable.
--973-518-7640 Andria cleaning


Alex Wang: 973 368 3977   Alex lives in Livingston, NJ.  He has 10 years experiences in Heating and Air conditioning.  I got a quote of 14000 for a whole house Heating and Air Conditioning for a house of 3800 sq feet when other people quoted 21k.  He once visited my house twice for a small job - he charged me $50 for two trips!

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