Nov3 (Monday eve 7:30pm ) Board of Education Election - meet the candidates

Board of Education Election - meet the candidates

When:Nov 3 (Monday eve 7:30pm )
Where: Dunkin Donuts in the Hills  (or another location if too many people attend)

Resumes of the 4 Candidates:

John Fry
Priti Shah
Michael Storms
Linda Wooldridge 

Note: Priti Shah and Linda Wooldridge are both current Board of Education members and are running for re-election.

Possible Topics for Discussions:

  • Math teachers do not grade home work (which grade?)
  • Chinese should be considered as one of the foreigh languages for students to choose, starting from some after school programs.
  • Lunch quality is poor for some schools.
  • late bus should be scheduled.
  • STEM program should be initiated. "stengthen math and science program so the students are well prepared for higher education, especially for college with rigorous stem programs" (Jenny Ye). "Promote STEM education experiences that prioritize hands-on learning to increase student engagement, interest, and achievement in the STEM fields for colleges and future career." (Ban Mei).
  • Pressures on students should be released rather than being increased - the healthy and happy kids should be one of the the goals of our school education.
  • Proposal of certain holidays should be carefully weighed, considering the busy schedules both for schools and parents.