Response Time of Fires Truck - a possible project

Questions to be answered:

1) What is the response time at the current traffic situation?

2) What is the response time after a building is built?


1) review of literature

2) study design

3) Collection of traffic data

Data Type

- Type of Car

- Number of Cars passing by within a time limit (to be designed)


  - Liberty Corner 4 way corner

 -  Firestation department front

 -  Front of the elementary school

4) Data cleaning and documentation

5) Analysis of Data:

- Simple Statistical Analysis Plan

- SAS program for the analysis

- Simulations of the possible scenario based on the collected data and estimates

- Reports

5) Participants:

- Professional statisticians and SAS programmers

- Hills concerned residents.

- High school students  (collection of data and analysis - first taste for SAS).

6) Publications


7) benefits

- we have a solid understanding of how much response time needed for the fire trucks to arrive.

- we get a glimpse of how data can be collected and analyzed and used for public issues.

- funs for presenting data on different cars  (graphes, tables, etc.)

- high school students might be attracted by the tools used ......