Strategy for having Chinese Program at Mount Prospect School

No double we want Chinese taught at schools our kids go to.  But how?

1) Write letters to the principal.

2) Schedule parents' meetings with school - we should try to include parents from non-Chinese family; the treasuer of PTO of MP is our neibor, I should try to get her support.

3) Collect data for Chinese programs in the state and other states, do the data analysis and present the trend to the school (we have so many statisticians and SAS programmers who live on data analysis in our area!)

4) Present the benefits of setting up Chinese programs at schools.

5) Ask teachers who have taught Chinese at US schools to present Chinese teaching experiences.

6) Find volunteers who are qualified to teaching Chinese and offer the schools helps.

7) Offer donations to the schools for the Chinese programs.

In general, we will be succefful if we can let the school believe the following:

1)) We are not adding a burden or extra work to the school.

2) It is the world trend that Chinese is being taught, to do it is to add values to their school and to promote their achievement as educators.

3) We as a Chinese community are not asking for more, but offering more to help the school.


Any other ideas?